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22. 2. 2023


In our new series, we will introduce you to the key members of the DOCK team, which ensures that you enjoy living and working with us. We believe that this „meet & greet“ will bring you closer to what is happening at DOCK, and maybe you will get to know someone who you have only met in the corridor or in the park a little better. The invitation to the first mini-interview was accepted by Community Manager Jana Gerhátová, who has held this position since last autumn. Her job is primarily to ensure that tenants and residents feel good in DOCK, both through the environment, as well as additional services and events.

What do you enjoy most about working at DOCK?

Part of my work is the unique connection of several different activities that creates a perfect unit. What I enjoy the most every day is finding ways to combine the great service we provide to our tenants with the constant motivation to improve the environment they work in, with the organization of events they enjoy attending. In this way, I want to create added value that clients not only welcome, but which becomes one of the factors why they remain loyal to Crestyl.

If you could be any profession in the world for one day, what would it be?

I would like to be a good writer. To have the wonderful opportunity to create new interesting stories that will delight many readers' souls and take them to places they wouldn't have seen in real life. But would one day be enough?

How do you like to relax after work?

I love traveling. The greatest relaxation for me is an adventure trip to some interesting country. From my answer to the second question, it is clear that a good book always makes me very happy, too.

And if you were to recommend one book to someone, which one would it be?

I highly recommend The Incorrigible Optimists Club by Jean-Michel Guenassia. A beautiful book that takes place in Paris in the 1960s and tells about the interesting fates of refugees from the Eastern Bloc.

Summer or winter?

Definitely summer.