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Experience Vietnam at DOCK

21. 7. 2022

Barber services i DOCK

6. 6. 2022

Diagnosis - a case of the Dolomites

6. 6. 2022

Fire is the heart of the kitchen

6. 6. 2022

Daniel Hejl: For Productboard, people are the key

6. 6. 2022

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The DOCK is a modern office district in Prague 8 offering a plethora of retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and various other amenities that create a comfortable environment for professionals who work there. Top-quality office space in an unmatched location near a marina on Vltava make the DOCK a unique place for both work and relaxation.

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The DOCK offers an all-inclusive range of amenities. Tasty food and drinks, cosmetic services, a fitness center, and a multitude of sports activities.

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