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Madeira Island: Pearl of the Atlantic

Island empires essentially exude the magic of diversity, but not every island can offer as much density of natural and cultural gems as Madeira. The slopes of this volcanic island, rising almost 2,000 m in elevation, have eroded into bizarre, jagged ridges between the ravines of gorges and valleys, and the tropical climate features a backdrop of laurel and eucalyptus forests and numerous, gorgeous waterfalls. Christopher Columbus already knew the beauty of Madeira. He fell in love not only with its wealth, but also with the daughter of the governor of the neighboring island of Porto Santo. And his successors today have recognized the tourist potential of the place, while wise policies ensured that its nature remained untouched except for inhabited coastal areas. They also created a friendly and comfortable environment for all lovers of extraordinary experiences. You will also find something unique in the world here: the over 1000-km network of “levadas” – aqueducts or water channels, enabling tourists to penetrate the very bosom of an otherwise completely inaccessible jungle. Add to this the Madeiran cuisine, wine, rum and goodness of all kinds. You too are invited.


A spring menu deserves fish

Where there is water, there are fish. That is a Malay proverb. And DOCK and water are practically one world. That's then again what we like to say. It's a world full of tasty gastronomic specialties that should be a natural part of a healthy lifestyle. And turning fish into culinary wonders can be very easy and fun. Let’s give them a try!

Michaela Mertová and skyrunning: Heaven to the touch

She does not consider herself a professional athlete, yet she runs 6,500 km per year. In addition, she pedals 8,000 km and hikes another 1,000 km. Since she was 25 years old, when Misha Mertová, a native of Lanškroun, started running, she has conquered many a mountain peak in this world. As a running coach, she also advises her trainees how to start running, where to find motivation and how to combine sports with normal daily duties – read on in this exclusive interview for our magazine…

Self-confidence when choosing lingerie is the key

What is most appealing thing about women? Their confident beauty. Everyone has it in them, but sometimes it is necessary to discover and reveal it. And that's the starting point for Tereza Vu and her collection of refined luxury lingerie.

Canary Islands: Islands as you’ve never seen

In times when travel has become rarer and more complicated than we are used to, let us take you to a place where spring is eternal and far beyond the horizon of everyday life – to the Canary Islands. A dream vacation awaits you closer than you might think – within reach of Africa but without leaving Europe. If you have the taste and courage, come with us to unexpected places that you would hardly find in travel guides. Experience the Canaries with us firsthand.

The only certainty is uncertainty

Such is the claim of architect David Chmelař, member of the Chmelař architects studio and designer of numerous important buildings in Prague, northeastern Bohemia and his native town of Hronov. He had gravitated towards architecture since childhood and came up with fresh ideas in high school. How does he perceive the importance of community space, the future of rental apartments and the development of the DOCK complex? We asked him about all this in this exclusive interview.

Colorful Winter On a Plate

Did you know that the color of what we eat affects our mood? It’s no wonder that with the first falling leaf, we instinctively switch to foods colored in warm tones of yellow and orange, so that we can remember the sun's rays and the optimism of summer days, at least on a plate. In addition, they evoke fire, and therefore heat. And what more could we want from food in the winter than to keep us warm?

I was lonely in the NBA world

Jiří Welsch. Czech basketball legend. Former NBA player, captain of the Czech basketball team and now one of the key people shaping the future of Czech basketball. He has dedicated himself to young players and for the last six months, also to the project of the National Basketball Academy. Do you feel that you know him personally? It is possible because the Czech Basketball Federation is newly headquartered in DOCK.

Good addresses create lasting value of a particular location

That's what Omar Koleilat says, a man you seemingly all know. Besides being the co-founder of the developer company Crestyl, Omar is also a resident of DOCK. He is of Czech and Lebanese decent; he studied architecture and earned a British real estate investment diploma. Omar is married, has three children and it's no surprise his hobbies include sports – he is a former professional basketball player and in recent years, he enjoys getting out to go water skiing. Despite his extraordinary workload, he made time for an interesting interview this summer.

It Tastes Best In The Great Outdoors

Food cooked on a grill seems to have that something extra, that something special you will not find in a regular homemade dish. Maybe it is the smell of the smoke, maybe it is the mark of the grill, and maybe it is the atmosphere that accompanies every barbecue.