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I am happy that today a woman can still be a woman and succeed

Two-time winner of the title Top Manager of the Czech Republic, the most influential woman in Czech banking, full-time wife and mother of three, still bursting with energy and life enthusiasm, pursuing a broad range of hobbies and pastimes. The life of Daniela Pešková, the only female member of the Board of Directors of the major Czech savings bank Česká Spořitelna, sounds like a fairy tale. She shared with us in this exclusive interview how to keep up with it all, what she finds as the best stress release, but also how she sees the future of banking.


Three cats in the kitchen

Ivana Jindřichová, better known by her blogger sobriquet Cat & Cook, has been amassing online readers passionate about gastronomy since 2015, mainly thanks to her detailed recipes. Keeping her company right from the beginning are her cats, which readers have fallen in love with “from the first image”. Iva revealed to DOCK what she likes to cook in winter, her favorite Christmas recipe and what she plans for the future.

Entrepreneurship can be both ethical and successful at the same time

The world of business has recently been driven by the often-mysterious letter combination ESG. It is an English acronym meaning environmental, social and corporate governance – that’s the easy part. But what do these three benign letters really mean, e.g., for companies, their employees and all the others who come into contact with Crestyl and its projects? That’s what we asked Magda Pokorná, Chief Corporate Officer at Crestyl.

Madagascar: out to the lemurs and baobabs

“Momma, will you let me go to Madagascar after New Year’s?” I asked my wife once. “Only if I go with you!” was the resolute answer. After all, Madagascar is Paradise and the dream of every traveler! There is no other place in the world with more exciting “endemic” experiences. This destination’s in­timate charm far outweighed the potential pitfalls of the Madagascar monsoon season.

Czech elections are about emotions

We have a presidential election coming up at the beginning of next year. The campaigns are now getting underway, but many Czechs don’t even think about the successor of the current head of state, or leave their decision to the last minute. In an exclusive interview, we asked Jan Tuček, director of the renowned Czech research agency STEM/MARK, how he sees the presidential election and more.

To Turkey in search of the jewels of Central Anatolia

Turkey is the land of mosques, Cappadocia, ancient monuments, kebabs and beaches. Yes, undoubtedly these and much more. But that description falls short of the mark for a country with such breathtaking landscapes, great cuisine and an endless array of alluring forms.

Diverse Czech bike tours

The end of summer heat, decent temperatures and nature bursting with colors – these are but a few of the many positive reasons to click into the pedals this autumn and get to know the corners of the Czech Republic from the bike seat. Our country offers a plethora of trails, routes and paths suitable for both beginners and advanced mountain riders alike. Just pick a direction, inflate the tires and ride!

Petr Jákl: The falls are worth those trips to the top

After two years of postponement, this September we will finally witness the premiere of the most expensive Czech film in history, a magnificent historical work with the telling title Jan Žižka (entitled Medieval outside of the CR). Žižka was brought to life by former Olympian Petr Jákl, who refashioned his experience in judo into a successful career in the field of film production. How he went from being a professional athlete to a director, how he chooses the themes of his other projects, and how he worked with the legendary Sir Michael Caine, he revealed in an exclusive interview with DOCK.

Diagnosis - a case of the Dolomites

"When I first arrived in Italy’s Dolomite Alps 30 years ago, I was flabbergasted. I was so impressed by the power, omnipresence and bizarre shapes of rock towers, summits, peaks, in short, every inch of this incredible landscape. When I came here for the third time, I was frustrated by my inability to capture and take with me at least fragments of the unending mosaic of curious phenomena, images and natural scenery. By my seventh visit, I was thrilled that I could actually grasp the uniqueness of these mountains within the scale of the entire Alps. When I was here for the twelfth time, I was surprised that these mountains still had something to offer me, they still inspire in me an immense aesthetic feeling and a sense of satisfaction. And I keep coming here, because for me, it's a kind of Diagnosis of the Dolomites.”

Fire is the heart of the kitchen

Simon Johnson, CEO of CRESTYL Czech Republic, was born in the UK but has been at home in the Czech Republic for 26 years. Professionally, he excels in managing the development of large neighborhoods, but his other expertise and great passion flourishes in one very specific space – the kitchen. It was there that an informal and very pleasant interview took place for you, dear readers of DOCK magazine.

Daniel Hejl: For Productboard, people are the key

It is rare indeed to have the opportunity to ask a founder of today's most valuable Czech startup about anything you might be interested in. This makes the following DOCK interview, for which Daniel Hejl made time, all the more exceptional. Hejl is the Chief Technology Officer of Productboard, a global technology project helping companies develop products that make sense.

Madeira Island: Pearl of the Atlantic

Island empires essentially exude the magic of diversity, but not every island can offer as much density of natural and cultural gems as Madeira. The slopes of this volcanic island, rising almost 2,000 m in elevation, have eroded into bizarre, jagged ridges between the ravines of gorges and valleys, and the tropical climate features a backdrop of laurel and eucalyptus forests and numerous, gorgeous waterfalls. Christopher Columbus already knew the beauty of Madeira. He fell in love not only with its wealth, but also with the daughter of the governor of the neighboring island of Porto Santo. And his successors today have recognized the tourist potential of the place, while wise policies ensured that its nature remained untouched except for inhabited coastal areas. They also created a friendly and comfortable environment for all lovers of extraordinary experiences. You will also find something unique in the world here: the over 1000-km network of “levadas” – aqueducts or water channels, enabling tourists to penetrate the very bosom of an otherwise completely inaccessible jungle. Add to this the Madeiran cuisine, wine, rum and goodness of all kinds. You too are invited.