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I was lonely in the NBA world

Jiří Welsch. Czech basketball legend. Former NBA player, captain of the Czech basketball team and now one of the key people shaping the future of Czech basketball. He has dedicated himself to young players and for the last six months, also to the project of the National Basketball Academy. Do you feel that you know him personally? It is possible because the Czech Basketball Federation is newly headquartered in DOCK.


Good addresses create lasting value of a particular location

That's what Omar Koleilat says, a man you seemingly all know. Besides being the co-founder of the developer company Crestyl, Omar is also a resident of DOCK. He is of Czech and Lebanese decent; he studied architecture and earned a British real estate investment diploma. Omar is married, has three children and it's no surprise his hobbies include sports – he is a former professional basketball player and in recent years, he enjoys getting out to go water skiing. Despite his extraordinary workload, he made time for an interesting interview this summer.

It Tastes Best In The Great Outdoors

Food cooked on a grill seems to have that something extra, that something special you will not find in a regular homemade dish. Maybe it is the smell of the smoke, maybe it is the mark of the grill, and maybe it is the atmosphere that accompanies every barbecue.