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28. 6. 2023

Are Czechs altruists?

Let us introduce you to a brand-new column that will provide room for your opinions, insights and tips. Let’s start straight off by not “pulling punches” – we ask whether we Czechs are selfish (or not) and opportunistic (or not)…

  1. In today’s world, can we still find people who act as pure altruists? Someone wanting nothing in exchange for his or her help?
  2. Have we become different people as a result of the difficult past two years? People willing to help more often and selflessly, because we have found that we can find our own selves in need of assistance at any time?
  3. Do you think our biological nature is dominated by altruism or by egoism?
  4. What do you think about publishing any form of prosocial behavior – a gift, whether financial or otherwise? Do you see in it a motive to portray oneself in a good light in front of others, or rather as some kind of enlightenment?
  5. Czechs have long felt that it is better to help at home rather than get involved in the world. How do you see it?
  6. Should wealthy people automatically help others? Or do you associate altruism not with financial possibilities, but rather with the attitudes of individuals and their view of the world?



Alena Líškay Králíková


1: In my opinion and based on information on this topic, there is an ever-growing number of altruists around. I recently read an interview in which one psychologist felt it was necessary to “develop” altruism in people. So we can say that there are more of those feeling that they sufficiently meet the needs and dreams of their own and their loved ones, and that now is the time to think of others. And through media and social networks, the stories of others are closer to them than ever before, which contributes to the fact that they are looking for ways to lend a helping hand.

2: I like the positive vibe of the question. It is refreshing to look at the world and people positively and look for what unites us – after all, we’ve had our fill of the negatives and reservations lately. The volume of donations and their regularity among Czechs is growing year by year as we get better at reacting quickly to disasters. And we are capable of coming up with ways to get help and support to those who need it. You are certainly right that the awareness that we ourselves could be the ones in need helps play a role. However, I think that the change in attitudes was and is due to the proximity of events with tragic consequences. We help “at least” with money, collections or beneficial initiatives when we cannot resolve or eliminate the cause ourselves.

3: Egoism at first, but sooner or later we arrive at altruism.

4:Whatever the reason, is it up to donors and how they conceive the information about their beneficial actions – perhaps as an invitation to others to join in? Very good. As a warning on a topic that deserves attention and support? Excellent idea. I haven’t actually recently registered any pure self-praise.

5: Indeed, we are most deeply touched by the human stories and the destinies of those who are close to us. We give the most on an ongoing basis for the benefit of children, but if a disaster comes – even on the other side of the world – we immediately get involved in the collections of humanitarian organizations. Help over the long term is certainly vital here at home because the sad fact is, the state can’t provide everything. However, providing fast and well-targeted assistance upon sudden tragic events in the world is equally important. We can do both. I hope we never relinquish this “superpower”.

6: I don’t think that altruism is necessarily bound to financial security. Everyone gives and helps, regardless of income, status or personal needs. Very often they don’t even talk about it, because it is simply human nature and a part of life.


Maria BushikhinaOffice nov 2022

Maria Bushikhina

Senior Manager, Real Estate & Facility EMEA, Wrike

1: Yes, of course, with the development of society, more and more people are ready to help others without demanding anything in return. For only altruistic reasons.

2: The last two or three years have changed the lives of many. However, they showed how people are ready to help. It seems that such a number of charity programs did not exist before. I was especially impressed by the situation after the hurricane in Morava. It seemed that every Czech was involved.

3: All people are naturally dominated by egoism as the first reason for survival. But nowadays, it is leveled out by upbringing and education. Thus the individuals are forced to conform to the norms and values of the community, and altruism comes to the front forth.

4:I believe that publicizing noble acts would be a good example for other people, and the support of society is a great motivation to spread pro-social behavior.

5: I believe its a really wise approach. First you need to be sure that you and your country are in good condition and safe. And then to look around and help abroad.

6:As for me, there is no straight connection between abundance and aspiration to help others/share prosperity. Altruism is not associated with income level. It is connected with personality type, emotional intelligence, and social responsibility.


_M2A0297-Antonio Lourenco Director of Engineering

Antonio Lourenco

Director of Engineering, Productboard

1: I would say yes, and more so than in the past. Perhaps because there’s more prosperity nowadays and people have more to spare.

2: There were visible waves of charity in the past couple of years, however, it’s hard to tell whether this is a lasting change or just a momentary urge to help in times of hardship.

3: Egoism as in nature it’s a matter of survival.

4: It probably depends on each individual but I believe most people get some sort of satisfaction from publicising it so in most cases I believe it’s not completely selfless.

5: I believe it’s natural to prioritise those we have some form of connection with before helping others. It’s no different than helping the family before helping the neighbour.

6: I think it’s more a matter of personal values but abundance certainly helps as well.