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4. 4. 2024

New issue of the community magazine DOCK

First issue of this year's DOCK community magazine is now available!

We would like to introduce the first issue of this year´s DOCK community magazine with the motivational appeal: „Let´s build bridges instead of digging ditches “.

We hope that the 10th issue will bring you the right inspiration to change things, to find the right ways to make positive changes, new discoveries, or even just small personal joys. It is possible that the right impulse can be given to you, for example, by interviews with exceptional personalities such as Iveta Králová from Saint-Gobain, whose bridge brings us closer to a more sustainable approach to ourselves, to our surroundings and especially to the environment, or Petr Michálek, who figuratively builds bridges to distant space and thus popularizes science that we do not encounter at every turn. But that´s not all! Keep flipping through magazine, discover and have fun.

Printed version is available for free at all DOCK receptions and e-version here