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6. 6. 2024

Sustainable workshop at DOCK

Programme for DOCK capmus

ESG - an acronym that is encountered at almost every turn nowadays and a topic that is rising to the top of the agenda for companies and individuals in today's world. Even at DOCK, this topic does not leave us cold, and that is why we decided to prepare a fun and educational program for the people from DOCK. In collaboration with Kokoza, Zero Wasters and Save the Food,  we created on May 29th and interesting event where participants could pick up importatnt information that will help them as individuals to make small personal changes which will be of great benefit to all of us.   


Did you know? 

Each person produces 536 kg of waste per year, which is the weight of 5 baby elephants. 

The average person throws up to 60 kg of bio-waste into the mix each year. 

Up to 71% of Czech waste can be sorted. 

Every minute we use 1 million disposable bags in the world.