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The construction of the DOCK residential and administrative complex began in 2012. The project included building flood barriers that protect the locality from floods exceeding the 100-year magnitude. Flood protection is provided by buttress gates that extent 30 cm above the projected flood level. In the event of a flood, the gate will be closed, and water from the Rokytka Creek will be pumped into Vltava.

At the same time, the DOCK marina will serve as a safe harbor for vessels from the greater Prague area. If endangered, vessels are secured to steel pilots protruding high above water. The residential part of the project was divided into four stages. Even though several architects participated in the individual stages, the DOCK complex features a cohesive design.

The first stage consisted of three five-story residential buildings designed by the Italian studio Mediapolis. Stone and wood lining underscore the natural atmosphere of the locality.

Created by Ian Bryan Architects, the design for the second and third stages reflects the genius loci of the new complex. "Architects work with emotions. The DOCK project embodies feelings about water. Our goal was to make nature accessible and put it into use. The individual buildings are incorporated into undulating park greenery, where we tried to make a view of the river available to every dwelling in the DOCK. Likewise, footpaths inside the complex were connected to the network of municipal bike paths in the vicinity," explains architect Eduard Trembulák in describing the design process.

Completed in 2020, the last residential stage was designed by Qarta Architektura, and its concept make a reference to harbor boulevards.

The administrative part of the project was designed by Schindler Seko Architekti. It consists of five buildings that are seamlessly connected to the marina. Their location separates the residential part of the DOCK from Libeň's busy streets. Each of the buildings has its own visual identity. Their unifying element is a majestic lobby with a reception area. The construction of the last building DOCK IN FIVE is currently under way. Completion is planned for 2022.

Zdroj fotografií: Wikipedia