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7. 9. 2022

Diverse Czech bike tours

The end of summer heat, decent temperatures and nature bursting with colors – these are but a few of the many positive reasons to click into the pedals this autumn and get to know the corners of the Czech Republic from the bike seat. Our country offers a plethora of trails, routes and paths suitable for both beginners and advanced mountain riders alike. Just pick a direction, inflate the tires and ride!

Rožnov pod Radhoštěm – Jurkovič's lookout tower © CzechTourism – photobank, author: UPVISION

Bečva Cycling Route

You can ride along the Bečva river valley even if you are a beginner or less proficient cyclist, but this doesn’t mean experienced ones would be bored. From the springs of the Bečva you will ride through two sections – Rožnovská Bečva starting at Horní Bečva and Vsetínská Bečva in Velké Karlovice. They converge in Valašské Meziříčí, from where the bike path leads to the confluence of the rivers Bečva and Morava near Tovačov. The ride is full of things to see like the natural Beskydy mountain beauty, Wallachian folk architecture - quaint, wooden cottages scattered in local villages and towns or concentrated in the open-air museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, as well as monument-rich centers of such historical cities as Vsetín, Hranice, Lipník nad Bečvou or Přerov. Directly on the route or in its close vicinity, we recommend visiting at least some of the countless museums, chateaux and castles. It's beautiful in Wallachia! Details can be found at or on the daily updated social networks of the Bečva Cycle Route full of tips for trips and attractions.

rgb_cmyk_green-gardens-lednice-castle-chateau-yard-moravia-czech-republic-copyLednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape © Freepik

Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape

Originally part of the Liechtenstein estate, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site – but always a landscape featuring hunting chateaux, lookout points, gardens, forests, ponds and parks, a game preserve, two castles, a temple, a chapel, a minaret, and a colonnade. The area between the villages of Lednice and Valtice in the south of Moravia is a gem for history enthusiasts, cyclists preferring flat riding, families with children or admirers of floodplain wilderness and birds. There is so much to see in this 250 km2 landscape complex that you can easily ride around over several days, but at a pleasant pace you can see most attractions in even just one day. And how else to finish the ride than by enjoying a tasting in one of the local wine cellars? The local “burčák” - half-fermented or “new” wine - is a true autumn tradition.

rgb_UPVI_035_Trebon1_cmykAround Třeboň © CzechTourism – photobank, author: UPVISION

Around Třeboň

South Bohemia is inviting for its long, flat stretches around sprawling ponds, picturesque buildings and historical monuments. Make your base in Třeboň, where you will find a magnificent historical center, including a Renaissance chateau, and start your journey at the Schwarzenberg Tomb on the outskirts of town. Then gradually ride out in all directions, for there is plenty to see. For example, take a traditional ride around the nearest ponds, Svět, and the largest Czech pond, Rožmberk, or between peat bogs and pine forests, which are perhaps even more fragrant in autumn than in summer. Along the way, you will pass fish restaurants ready to prepare for you even a fresh pike or eel – stop by, it is worth it. The next day, take a look at one of our most beautiful chateaux in Hluboká nad Vltavou. Although the map will show you a distance of about 35 km there from Třeboň and the same back again, do not be alarmed: the landscape is flat, and it can work out to be a splendid day trip. You can even take a detour to České Budějovice, enjoy the Baroque Samson Fountain and taste the city’s famed local brew near the brewery. You can choose other routes according to your desire: will you follow the footsteps of Emma Destin to Stráž nad Nežárkou, head to Chlum u Třeboně along the nature trail, or have a look at the northernmost point of Austria? More information can be found at

rgb_cmyk_BAVA_Cesky_raj_Hruba_Skala_Trosky-copyHrubá skála – Trosky castle © CzechTourism – photobank, author: Václav Bacovský

Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise)

If you like castles and panoramas, do not miss the region of the central Jizera Mountains. In autumn, forests around the Trosky castle ruin, Kost or Zvířetice castles, the sandstone “city” of the Prachov Rocks or the rock castle of Drábská světnice, as well as in romantic valleys and picturesque farmhouses, will burst with the fragrance of the soil, fresh air so lacking in the summer dry season and, of course, mushrooms. You can ride out to the surroundings for example from Turnov (the local synagogue is truly worth visiting). From here even Železný Brod is within reach, where you mustn’t miss exploring the history of glassmaking and jewelry. In any case, keep in mind that these local routes are more suitable for mountain bikes. And along the way, just see how many fairy tales and films you remember featuring unmistakable scenes from Bohemian Paradise!

rgb_scmyk_hutterstock_690485800----Franta-Krivan-copyDěčínský Sněžník © CzechTourism – photobank, author: Franta Krivan / Shutterstock

Cycle Region Krušné hory (Ore Mountains)

If you really want to pump those legs, or long to experience something truly exhilarating and don't mind putting your back into it, you will love exploring the Ore Mountains. Besides the German side of the long-distance route, the Czech part has just as much to offer: a route 242 km in length through the entire mountains from Cheb to Sněžník Mountain by Děčín abounds in natural attractions such as vast peat bogs, colorful mountain meadows, spruce forests, rock formations and, of course, insurmountable panoramas. Previous intense volcanic activity has left the region rich in metal ores and healing springs; experience them for yourself in the spa resorts in Jáchymov or Teplice. Don't forget to stop at the lookout tower on Blatenský Hill and others, and the highest peak of the Ore Mountains, Klínovec. If route cycling is not enough, riders can turn up the intensity in the local trail park –