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DOCK in Five

Free units

Floor Description Area Price
1NP Gastro 293,5 ㎡ 16.50 EUR/m2/month I am interested
1NP Retail 394 + 217 ㎡ 16.50 EUR/m2/month I am interested
2NP Office 1448 ㎡ 16.50 EUR/m2/month I am interested
4NP Office + Terrace 1379,5 + 26 ㎡ 16.70 EUR/m2/month I am interested
5NP Office + Terrace 468 ㎡ 16.90 EUR/m2/month I am interested
6NP Office 335 ㎡ 17 EUR/m2/month I am interested

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Typical floor


  • Double floor with electro boxes including sockets
  • White wall paint in office space
  • Ventilation system / active cooling and heating bodies
  • Dropped ceiling with installed lighting
  • Floor height 2,8m in office space and 2,5m in corridors
  • Openable windows
  • Mount points for kitchen appliances
  • Connection for data and phone cables
  • System and accessories for heat and ventilation management in office spaces
  • Control system for external window blinds
  • Building diesel generator ensuring safe operation of building technologies; possibility to connect own devices dependent on generator capacity and tenant’s demands.

Offices to lease

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