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21. 4. 2023

DOCK for a greener planet

Earth Day has been celebrated all over the world on April 22 since 1970, with the aim of drawing the attention to the need to protect our environment. Our planet does not have unlimited resources, and we humans need to remind ourselves of this from time to time, so that we do not forget to treat it responsibly and with such an attitude that our children and their children's children can live on it long after us… Even for us in DOCK is the future of the Earth not indifferent. What do we do to keep it green and healthy for a long time?

It is worth mentioning, for example, using tanks for the capture of rainwater and its subsequent use for irrigation of green areas, optimization of energy consumption, savings in drinking water consumption thanks to the technologies used, emphasis on air quality and a pleasant indoor environment or sufficient space for waste collection and storage for recycling.

Crestyl, as the "mother" of DOCK, is also committed to not creating additional heat islands in the city and greens all its projects as much as possible - they include grass and water areas, green roofs and pitched roofs - for example, 52% of the roof area in the DOCK area is green, and plants trees and shrubs.


We also think about safety: DOCK was created on the site of a former shipyard, and construction was therefore preceded by rigorous decontamination of the entire plot and ensuring the safety of residents and visitors from floods by increasing the retention capacity of the lagoons by significantly deepening them. There are flood defenses around DOCK buildings 01 to 04. They are not needed around DOCK 05 due to its location, but a flood protection plan has been drawn up for this building as well.

Since the site was not built on a green field, there was a lot of unused material on the original site. The part that met the conditions for reuse was reused during the construction of the DOCK, for example as a base in the pedestrian zone. 

In addition, the DOCK area was designed so that all the buildings that make it up meet the demanding requirements of the internationally recognized LEED Gold certificate. This provides independent verification that the certified building meets high requirements for a healthy environment, both from an environmental, social and community point of view.

DOCK, as well as other Crestyl projects are easily accessible by public transport, so there is no need to use a car for transportation home or to work, there are also parking spaces for bicycles and scooters and a convenient connection to the cycle path, or you can easily run or train in the area on the running circuit that "runs" through the entire campus.

Each of us would certainly be able to list our own activities or projects that directly or indirectly help the environment or contribute to the least possible burden on it. But inspiration is always useful: at you will find lots of tips on how to include even more useful activities in your daily life that minimize the generation of waste, which is currently one of the biggest ecological threats to the Earth.

Will you join the 31-day challenge? We start on Earth Day, April 22, 2023!

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